Ashia Mack, Penn State Greater Allegheny student.

“Everything is really convenient.”

When Ashia Mack moved from California to begin her Penn State career, she quickly discovered the various benefits that come with living on campus. “I like getting to talk to people,” Ashia says. “We have movie nights and there’s always fun things going on in the evening. We’ve had karaoke nights. Everyone socializes together.”

Ashia, who is majoring in English, has had a colorful range of memorable social experiences made possible by living on campus such as bonfires, water balloon fights, campus-wide hide-and-seek games, and art activities. The sense of community Ashia feels from living in the dorms is a huge benefit. “I just really like the social aspect,” Ashia says. “It feels like family up in the dorms.”

The constant opportunities to build friendships and make memories while living on campus are only complemented by other benefits that appeal to students. Ashia says living on campus makes grocery shopping and mealtime inexpensive and simple. “We don’t have to spend a lot of money or drive anywhere,” she says. “Everything is really convenient.”